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The cover of URs Interstellar Fugitives album.

The cover of UR's Interstellar Fugitives album.

While never a huge techno fan, I always loved this text from the sleevenotes from URs ‘Interstellar Fugitives’. Its packed with strong sonic warfare hyperstition signal . . .(thanks to Kodwo for switchin this on). . .pardom ny dylsexia but the original text was very small and difficult to transchribe

Unspoken Reality

Over the ages there have been outbreaks of resistance to what the human spirit knows is evil but is forced to accept as normal. This resistance due to recent advances in genetic research has been traced to an elusive mutant gene that is found in one of every five thousand humans. We will refer to this gene as r1. r1 is older than humanity itself and was sequenced into human genetics by probabilities still unknown. R1 communicates through secret coded rhythm patterns based around the drum which is common in all human societies. It should be noted that these rhythms can also be vocalised, expressed through dance or art and transferred via rhythmically oriented machinery. In this manner r1 can download huge portion of data to those who remain close to the drum with no chance of file corruption, missing or damaged pages and certainly no misinterpretations. As these rhythms are pure r1 consciousness only true expression will create movement of the physical or spiritual realms. Imitations or derivatives will only have a chance to move the physical as the spirit will not recognize them. R1 through the centuries has been suspected to have been at the heart of countess rebellions, coups, overthrows and revolutions. As long as trigger conditions exist r1 will hold the world in a constant state of tension. R1 can modulate itself to emulate other genes in order to hide among the host’s gene pool until triggered. Triggering occurs due to many different inputs. In justice, prejudice, oppression, rape torture and genocide are all fuel for the fire! Once triggered the r1 will emerge and become the dominant factor among the 80,ooo or so other genes that it will rearrange and interact with it over a period of years to make the host achieved r1 purposed. The r1’s biological instructions are capable of converting the most humble human into a digital ebola guerilla operative (DEGO) with reinforced rhythm awareness capabilities.

Sometimes a careful eye can spot an active r1 in its early stages of development as the human host’s morality and prior teachings delays the r1’s shadow warrior techniques. The host is visually and vocally active as it causes suspicion , unrest, inspiration, hope and mental or physical resistance among the once docile population. Unfortunately the host’s lingering faith in humankind leads to its ultimate demise as it is identified and targeted for destruction. These young r1s usually cause immense problems for the system.

Techniques have been developed over the ages to dilute their effectiveness through controlled distortions of media, history and advanced pacification programs. It is for this reasons many diabolical mine fields have been devised to take out young r1s before they can reach maturity.

If allowed to reach maturity the r1 can redefine the host and operate indiscriminately until death within the systems currently being employed.

In a constant search for ways to combat the ever increasing evil of the systems programmers, r1 has most recently employed a little known frightening bioengineered mutant cousin gene that was created during a period of time ranging from the 1400s to the late 1800s in colonized areas throughout the world and especially in the new world of the Americas. The cousin which we will call z (for zero) to signify its complete reassure from history was the result of illicit genetic breeding experiments performed on enslaved human stock the r1 gene. Against the generally accepted practice of killing defiant r1s on sight in order to issue a complain myriad of docile worker stock, some owners paid top dollar to buy r1 stock in order to breed r1 with various other r1 and with the new highly resistant u1 native which were bravely fighting to the death in the America. Much the same as current dog breeders do today with familiar breeds like the k9 german shepherd, rottweiler, Doberman pincher and the pit bull terrier, genetic engineering of this type was done in hopes of creating a warrior enhanced aggressive humanoid to be utilised specially for prize fighting entertainment, or as expendable soldiers for future nations to be colonized.

Female r1s and many enslaved women were often forcibly raped by their captors. This introduced an unseen sadistic viciousness into an already aggressively resistant gene pool. Always the opportunist, r1 would scan the intruders genetics to investigate and extract strengths, weakness, tactics and potentials for future use. The result of all these accumulated sins may never be fully understood. These complex genetic combinations administrated by people who had no idea of the genetic pandora’s box they were about to pen yielded z gene stock which was super athletic, deviously intelligent, swift, silent, deadly adaptable, efficient, durable, strategic and at the moment of need chillingly cold. Unfortunately along with these desired soldier like features there came unforeseen side effects. For the first time humans to be mass produced and created without love, the z models were capable of spontaneous, strategic, symbolic or unprovoked violence against its oppressors or cooperative stock of its own kind with no remorse. (see nat turner) apparently it s was controlled by r1 which had overridden the breeders control parameters set forth for the z. the z model was chamelion like, unpredictable and final (see the maroons) and although it could deceptively function within any given society it would only take true directions from r1. using its enhanced rhythm perception it could decipher r1 directives from anything ranging from a field work song to the rhythmic flow of a poets lines to automated modern machinery. The z model was considered economically costly and impossible to contain and after many bloody revolts, uprising and overthrows this type of breeding was discontinued. The z model was considered economically costly and impossible to contain and after many bloody revolts, uprisings and overthrows this type of breeding was discontinued. The z model especially in the united states was systemically targeted for destruction (usually by inaccurate lynching) It was hoped that the dreaded z had become extinct by the early 1900’s/ The northern industrial city of Detroit was especially well suited for r1. This mechanically pulsed city provided r1 with a perfect rhythm foundation to transmit its subversive instruction sequences to those who know in the city’s population. Living in the show o f the unending broken promises of the system, r1 found this city a perfect breeding ground for resistance. Many examples of r1 instructed people emerged from the bowles of this Midwest metropolis against all odds these people set standards of resistance which have inspired millions. One particularly disturbing result of r1 is a virus like consciousness called underground resistance. Since 1988 to present this outfit has been responsible for infecting huge parts of the world with r1’s teaching via black vinyl data disks army sonically spawned somewhere in Detroit, under order from r1 ur as many before them have with the technology available to them at their particular time frames has discovered an unknown way to assemble r1’s thoughts into tones. These tones which are them rhythmically generated by discarded instruments or electronic devices and sonically injected into humans that were previously incapable of understanding r1. This is a most dangerous situation as traditionally only other r1, z or societies close to the drum could decode these messages! It should be noted that once injected the newly infected host’s hard drive will be erased and rebooted with r1 algorhythms. The only known way of the system to combat r1 is to counter inject false prophets of sound into the populace. These puppet agents will be controlled and formatted by the programmers with the sole purpose of leading the naïve and unknowing away from r1 teachings. This had worker many times before, and the only reasons it will not work this time is because of ur its global allies and invisible infrastructure of support. The eight fugitives pictured are suspected ur operatives. Trained in detroit by ur they are all highly skilled at the their particular method of sound. Inject r1 purpose in the cutting edge of human societies world wide as they now have global strike capacity via programmer digital communications systems. The leader of the fugitives is feared to be in the latter stages of z genetic development. This stage is called negative evolution. In this state human characteristics begin to face, the voice becomes unrecognizable, efficiency and logic become the hosts new religion and chance of capturing or learning the fugitive become next to impossible as the fugitive becomes a fiber optic commando which can alternate between the physical world and a digital consciousness, as aspirations for continued colonization and exploitation extend into outer space, scanning technology must be developed to intercept these disruptive genes before mass space travel and sex in zero gravity is allowed, In addition the ur tone generators and their operators must be silence now before even more of their infectious sound waves escape earths; atmosphere. Now that r1 has been traced from nation to nation it is fear that ur’s intention is to go from world to world, galaxy to galaxy and eventually from universe to universe. In closing it is this galactic bureau of investigations (gbi) conclusion that ur, the interstellar fugitives and the black vinyl data disk army they deploy at will be destroyed by you to protect us, in the words of words of one of the greatest r1’s ever “by any means necessary”

This composition has been analysed and approved from genetic factual information by dr. Joyce harper human genetics and embryology group and ucl center from preimplantation genetic diagnosis department of ebstetrics and gynecology. University college London.