Thanks to James Trafford for this link. The Thunder Blaster is being manufactured by a company called Armytec so I think its safe to assume that it won’t just be used for scaring birds. The president of Armytec is Shlomo Tabak, a former Israeli military special operations officer, whose command positions included anti-terror training and oversight of Special Forces development programs. The technology deployed is called Pulse Detonation Technology. One of its inventors Bezelel Liberman noted “Because we can control the power of the shock waves, we found we can use the process for many applications, including military, police and peripheral security missions,”. . .”It’s much safer, cheaper and in many cases [more] politically acceptable than other explosive materials.” Ephraim Sneh, a former Israeli defense minister, said more effort should be put into deploying such systems. “Use of nonlethal means saves lives and helps prevent violent deterioration of riots and mass protests,” he said. Sneh said the Thunder Generator is a good example of a safe, inexpensive and simple alternative to the use of lethal force. Apparently ArmyTec is offering Thunder Generator in fixed or vehicle-mounted installations, operated manually or via remote control. The firm’s proposed multibarrel design simulates a battlefield-like experience, while a three-axis moving barrel allows precise targeting of areas within a wide perimeter.

I would expect however, as it the case with the current fashion for non-lethal weaponry, that such messy devices would not replace lethal weapons but be merely added to them. Don’t believe the hype!