i was going to write a response to halliwell’s review, but after reading it a few times, ive concluded that when he is not paraphrasing my argument, ive no idea what he is talking about (i would however like to congratulate him on the moral authority he seems to have assumed from watching Babylon)

I’m genuinely happy that someone has finally, negatively or positively, engaged with some of the philosophy in my book instead of slagging it off as being adolescent, with too many long words etc. etc.. The thing about reviews is that its often not worth wasting time on responding to them, unless they are so sloppily serious and willfully ignorant that they need straightening out. In this spirit, I will try to at least distastefully annotate this effort by Paul Halliwell over at Metamute at some point in the near future.

Someone called doogsgordon on twitter passed me this link to an article about South Korean psyops pumping loud K-pop into North Korea in retaliation for the recent torpedo attack on an S.K battleship. Full story

S.Korea recently put up loudspeakers in 11 locations along the tense border to resume broadcasts that had been suspended in 2004. The installation of the loudspeakers amounted to “a direct declaration of a war” and a “flagrant violation” of the inter-Korean declaration for peace and reconciliation signed in 2000, the North’s statement went on.

“Therefore, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will launch an all-out military strike to blow up the group’s means for the psychological warfare,” it said. The North has repeatedly threatened to strike down the loudspeakers if Seoul goes ahead with the broadcasts.

Tonight I am giving a presentation with Kodwo Eshun at the Homeworks Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.

The talk is entitled “Kriegsspiel 2.0: Immersion and Control in the military entertainment complex” and is basically about gaming and war. We will be discussing MIcrosoft’s Project Natal, Activision’s Modern Warfare 2, the films Brainstorm, Strange Days, eXistenZ, Southland Tales, Gamer and Harun Farocki’s Immersion.

Looking forward to the arrival of these babies in the post.

Download Ken Hollings Radio 3 feature on the military-entertainment complex, ‘From Gameboy to Armageddon’ here

Ken will be talking with me at the Sonic Warfare event organized by the Wire at Cafe Oto on Thursday 6th of May.

Here is the blurb:
“A new series of monthly salon-type events, hosted by The Wire magazine, and dedicated to the fine art and practice of thinking and talking about music. The evenings, which will take place on the first Thursday of each month, will consist of readings, discussions, panel debates, film screenings, DJ sets and even the occasional live performance.

For the second event in the series, author Ken Hollings (Welcome To Mars, Destroy All Monsters) and Steve Goodman (Kode9, Hyperdub), author of Sonic Warfare, discuss the uses and abuses of sound and noise in policing the urban environment, by the military-industrial complex, in the era of the soundclash, and beyond. “